Outlander, Brutal sexy Scots in skirts......

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

WHY? WHY would you end a book THERE?!
Sigh i hate it when that happens.

but beyond the odd ending this book was pretty great, highly addictive! and sooo brutal. at times i felt ill while reading, not so ill i managed to put the book down but it was a close call sometimes. 
I couldnt imagine listening to this on audio, it would be beyond gut wrenching to hear such a strong hard Scottish man to cry out like that. Ugh. i shudder now just picturing it. and boy Diana was good with your imagination. the characters came off the page, their were so real. i feel like I know Claire and Jamie. the other characters are still wrapped in mystery but they were also very well done.
and DAMMIT as i write this all i can hear in my heard it the Scottish accent, which mind you took me forever to get the hang of! and i still came across words no and then that either me or my kindle could decipher. I wasnt overly fussed though, i generally got the main point.

The two worlds were fascinating, and makes me want to travel to Scotland even more now. though i must admit to the old Scotland of the clans while dangerous dd sound beautiful, if not a bit grubby at times. When Claire kept trying to go back to the stones, man i wanted to whack her over the head and open her bloody eyes! thankfully she did before it was too late. and her relationship with Jamie, man that was odd. I like for once how the women was the inexperienced virgin in the relationship, though all the references to animals totally and utter weirded me out at times. and sheesh there was so much sex at times, i grew highly bored of them just only doing that for days on end, luckily it never lasted for ever before they were off having another adventure. there really one so much sex i can read before it starts all rolling into one.

the end was a little confusing, might of been the drugs, not my drugs obviously..... lol. claire accidentally inhaled some and after that, actually even a bit before i was like what on earth is happening, but then she was suffering from grief.

so after all that possible incoherent word vomit, my point is this book is like the VERY grown up version of Brave (the movie) except pull it all apart except for everything that makes it Scottish. and add in some insane brutality, a bit more yelling, loads of 'adult activities' and thats pretty much the settings for this book. lots of rowdy drunken scots righting with other clans and loving their family's, lol. its my basic explanation. just go with it.

i had some good laugh's here and there and im looking forward to reading the next book - i have a sweet little sneak peak here, which im excited to dig into. and some authors notes which should be interesting. i wonder how accurate this book is??