New Garden Purchases.

So i went on a slight road trip the other day with friends. We started off in brisbane (where we currently reside) drove to Gympie (about 3 hours away) for a swap meet, Milky/Cory's parents had a store there. My mother lives just outside of Gympie so she came and said Hi! :) was great.


I bought these.....






After the swap meet we drove to Hervey Bay (another 3 hours or so) to where Milky/Cory's parents live and crashed for the night, had a blast. also they paid out on my apparently very slow knitting :/ i dont think im that slow. besides i dont want to make any mistakes.


anyways Hervey Bay is very pretty. here's some pictures....


me and milky

Me and Milky

hervey bay


hervey bay


hervey bay


toilet graffitiRandom Toilet Graffiti i came across and thought was pretty cool.


Save our ocean before she retaliates!

Fear is natures way of telling you you're about to grow.




then we turned around and drove all the way back occasionally stop to buy random things. i found this awesome little garden/nicknack store about an hour out of gympie, started with T......


Im pretty sure a good portion of the stuff there was hand made, which is awesome!


wind chimes




all in all i had a fantastic time, i also got impressively sun-burnt.... but thats Australia for ya.