Review: The Painted Man

The Painted Man - Peter V. Brett

not sure what to rate this book - 3 1/2 or 4 stars?

the reason being is i was loving this book, but sadly had to put it down for a few days, when i picked it back up some of its awesomeness had diminished and while i still really enjoyed it, i wasn't in love by the time i finished.

Shame cause if i hadnt had to put the book down it might of been a 4/12 star rating.


The world Brett has created is absolutely incredible and feels so realistic while reading. the way the characters behaved and reacted, their fear pf demons, their courage, their selfishness and selflessness. i was utterly sucked in by Leesha's, Arlen's and Roger's stories, their dreams and desires, their fears and nightmares.


I was a little bummed, i must admit, when i found out Arlen never went back, what he did when he turned into the painted man, So the end of the boo really excited me. the possibilities and adventures just waiting for me to devour.


Leesha was probably my favorite character, but surprisingly not by much - a lot of the characters were fantastic, even the not so great ones, personality wise.

but the talent and inner strength of a good herb gatherer was what called to me most, which i believe is why i really enjoyed Leesh'a story - plus she has Bruna, who i just adored.

I just have this fascination of people being able to cure and heal with herbs but also being able to harm or protect with those exact same herbs. It was amazing really what detail the writer put into it.


There of course was much violence, between the coreling's shredding everything to pieces and what human beings did to one another, you couldn't go more than just a few pages without your mind being immersed in gore - especially at the beginning of the book - Alren's tale - that was intense, brutally intense. I was worried i wouldn't be able to complete this book if it stayed like that, but luckily only the first section - Tibbet's Brook - is that rough, the rest is easily enough to swallow in comparison! 


Arlen's story sat really well with me until he left - not that i didnt still enjoy it, i was just a bit disappointed in him As soon as i finished reading the first part of Leesha's story i knew those two would be together, it hasn't happened just yet, but it will! and i was right, they do make a great unit, I'm just bummed about Mery, though I'm hoping she moved on *fingers crossed*


Im looking forward to catching up with everyone in the next book, especially Arlen's adopted family, i wonder what they have been up too and what they will think of the painted man? suppose I'll just have to wait and see.


Will I be reading the next book?



Who would i recommend to?

this is not a light hearted story, death comes stalking around every corner, there is violence beyond most can imagine. but if you like dark fantasy and can handle the above, swan dive into this book, you wont regret it. its good.