Review: Ill Wind

Ill Wind - Rachel Caine


This review will be filled to the brim with spoilers.......



I rather enjoyed this book, though i must admit to enjoying the Outcast Series quite a bit more. I think it mainly had to do with the fact that I liked Outcast's main character, Castiel more than Joanne, but that's just me. Also everyone loved Joanne, which got old fast. One thing i did really enjoy was comparing my memory from the Outcast series to what i was reading in Ill Wind.

It was fascinating how Joanne viewed the weather (mainly as a bad menacing object that only wanted to destroy) I dont recall castiel thinking like that at all.

I had a pretty good clue what David was before i was pointed out, from Castiel's nifty gifts - the car stealing sealed the deal, lol. and i recall one human being turned into a Djinn, totally forgot it was Joanne, also i dont get why David fell for her, or how anyone did in fact, I get it she was beautiful and powerful but surely that can only count for part or the attraction?

Joanne also had a teenage set of hormones i swear, chick never stopped thinking about getting some or day dreamed about past sexual encounters.

She also had a mad passion for old american muscle cars, if i recall correctly Castiel had one for motorbikes - secret passion of Mrs Caine's i wonder?

maybe thats why all the boys like Joanne, shes a teenagers wet-dream come true? lol


I believe Mrs Caine also did her research on the weather and how it works - i personally have zero clue, but the explanation seemed sound?.


I liked how Joanne not only had to use her talents but her brain as well when it came to controlling/battling the weather it was a nice change.


The end was interesting, I'm very intrigued where
Joanne and David are going from here, lucky me i have the next book waiting for me at home :)




Classic Urban Fantasy