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Nottingham - Jaron Lee Knuth

Robin is definitely one of my favorite characters, dude totally has Sass.


"What exactly is your plan, here? I hope you haven't mistaken me for an auto-lover. I mean, I'm flattered, but-"




'Jonathon stretched his arms, like he was reading himself for exercise. He leaned back and asked, "Why are you doing this?"

Robin was a bit surprised by the blunt question. "Doing what? Laying here, strapped to this table? I'll be honest, I've asked myself the same question."




"It's not really fun listening to an insane person. Do you realize that? You're only entertaining yourself. Not much of a host, if you don't mind my critique."




"Now you're just trying to make me sound like i was the crazy one."




See how amusing he is?? this happened all the while he was tied up by some psychopath.