Review: Phoenix rising

Phoenix Rising - Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris

I really rather enjoyed myself while reading this book - its hard to pinpoint why though? maybe the complex characters? not only did they keep secrets from themselves as well as each other but from the reader as well! which i must say is rather talented!

The world was fascinating, I love the whole Old World Steampunk setting - I always get a kick out of it!

The majority of the writing as good - there was at times when i needed to re-read a sentence to understand what the author meant, and sometimes even then i was still left at a bit of a loss (this happened more towards the beginning pf the book in the action scene's rather than at the end).

I loved how the POV took turns between Books and Braun, and i must say, their last names suit there personalities well, lol.

Trying to understand brooks from's Braun's POV was difficult and if we only had her insight i think he may of fell to the wayside, as it was, reading from his POV was spectacular and very informative about himself. and boy these two have some interesting secrets that i cant wait to learn more about!


Who would i recommend to? Any one who enjoys old World Steampunk setting of course.

Will i be reading the next book? Yes, i actually think i have it somewhere... hmm.....