Review: Across The Nightingale Floor.

Across the Nightingale Floor - Lian Hearn

So if your like me you haven't read many Japanese based books (something I'm looking forward to changing) This book is for you, much better than Stormdancer in my opinion. One of the best things about Japanese Based books is it can have magic in it and can still come off as realistic, there just something so incredible about the Japanese culture that makes things like kitsune and Oni Demons seem so real and tangible.

On top of that I love their whole honorable way of life, you can do so much with it, from starting a fight between familys over something small to starting a war! on top of that i love it when my characters are composed on the outside but scared as shit on the inside, this culture seems to be all about that - well not the scared part, but it wouldnt be as interesting a story without some fear!


So from what i have just written I'm sure you can imagine all the marvelous things happening within this books,  including a good chunk (of non boring, thank goodness!) politics and intrigue between the main tribes/clansmen.


I loved our main characters, Takeo and Kaede, though i must admit for taking quite a while before i warmed up to Kaede. the other characters are just as interesting, if not more so. though i did find the main villains a little flat. though that might be because we didnt actually spend all that much time around them.


One thing that spoke to me a lot in this book was how even as limited as females where they could still defend themselves, still had an amazing courage and even in some cases managed to hold onto a kind of power - which if you read this book will know how impressive that is! Kaede was an excellent example of this, everyone over looked her because of her back ground and beauty, when underneath was someone not only incredibly intelligent but so willful. lasting until the end when all seemed against her.


The Tribe's talents were incredible, and the description was fascinating and well thought out, of course i dont have some of the super skills they have but i had no difficulty imagining thats what would of happened if i did - sorry for the vagueness, dont want to spoil anything!


alright so that was a bit of a mess, my point is - READ THE BOOK! lol.

looking forward to getting my hands on the next book ASAP!