Fuck it.

Lady Thief  - A.C. Gaughen

I have been sitting on this book for ages now in a vien attempt to think of something worthy to write about the review. well i cant and now im just getting further and further away.


besides i can sum it up in just two words


READ IT!!!!!


because seriously this book plus (scarlet) the first one were just simply amazing. i've never read or had anything really to do with the robin hood tales, but i thought this was just a superb re-telling with fun breath taking twists. the characters are beyond lovable and people who will stay forever in your heart. The world building and description was great, i have no issues with imagery.


so yes i do highly recommend this read to all. and thanks Joan for not only recommending me this series but also buddy reading it with me. i had a great time as usual! til next time ;)


peace out.