Scarlet (my review) - a different take on Robin Hood.

Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen


Opening line:
No one really knows 'bout me. I'm Rob's secret, I'm his informant, I'm his shadow in dark places.

I ABSOLUTELY adored this book!
I know some people didnt enjoy it, saying it strayed to far from the original story - not a problem for me i never read it - but i think this book was brilliantly done and im stoked i finally got around to reading it. Thanks Joan!

The Characters in this book were fantastic, and i think one of the biggest advantages about this book was that we read from Scar's POV. Someone who hero worshiped Rob but who also go to witness his doubt, self loathing and plain just unpleasant side.

Its obvious throughout the book how much better off the team is with Scar involved, she brings a lot to the plate (even if she doesnt see it) and her humor was just fantastic and right down my alley. Plus the way she viewed the world was really intriguing.
I've never read a book from the view of the most difficult character within the story before. Its interesting. I wonder how the other's viewed her actions? Obviously Rob knew the most and had a somewhat (if limited) understanding of why she is the way she is....

"I stood up and slapped his bowl up, spilling it over him.

"didnt think you liked sitting with rats," I snapped, Stalking off.

"Scarlet!" he roared.I smirked but kept ambling along. Served him right."



"I ain't Rob's servant, you know. Honestly, you think I'm chained to the man."

I liked how being a female NEVER held Scar back from being the 'best' she could be.

"I wouldn't never bathe with him or pass water when he was near. He got suspicious quick. Seems real boys are awfully eager to parade their bits around."


"Three men on Rob, and i felt the sting of insult. Honestly, I were just as much a threat as him. Why did i only get 1?"



Scar is not much of a team player, distrustful of everyone, quick to temper and has a whole PILE of secrets, whats not to love?

Rob - for being the 'brains' of the group he sure could be REALLY stupid.
This was pretty much Rob's opinion at one point:
"Your father sold you to another man? how could you? you whore!"
At the time you can prob imagine i was less than pleased with Robin, but i didnt hate him. I understood his feelings and motives behind it - but still i wanted to give him a swift kick to the face at the time anyways.

John - The Built like a barrel,some what dumb, woman's man. This dude had charm in the bucket loads! any female he sat his eye too (and trust me their were a few) he could woo. Though luckily for his 'band' he was kind hearted and loyal to a fault.

"Maybe later, Love. You've got too many thirsty people here. You're needed."She gave him a quick peck. "Just dont tell me 'later' and run off with Bess or Mariel,"

Much - weirdest name, took me forever to get use to reading but gosh he was adorable!
Much is the underdog, one you dont even notice to begin with but in time i have no doubt he'll be his own little shinning star.

The World was really entertaining, in both good and bad ways. and i think a really good setting, were the possibilities are pretty much limitless.
as of late i have been really getting into this whole 'medieval' vibe where everything is sometimes more brutal and at others more innocent, in comparison to our world. plus who doesnt enjoy the whole cloaks and daggers thing?

The Language took me a bit to sink into. It's a bit more.... crass? than im use to. but doont think for an instant that i would change it, i think it adds more to the story and the characters.
though i believe after every time i had to put the book down (when life annoyingly intervened)i was talking strangely for the next 5 mins. I probably sounded like a right uneducated twat over the phone. lol.

"I couldn't resist. I'm a thief; we weren't never good with the temptation, honestly."

Now i wont say to much more otherwise you'll never shut me up! though this next bit is important >>
If your going to read this book (which i highly recommend you do) go into it laxed and dont compare everything to the original version. and a must READ THE AUTHORS NOTES. for me it bumped this book up another .5
Reading the stories and watching the movies, i always found Marian problematic, because though i had a crush on robin, I could never see myself as Marian. She was always doe-eyed and waiting to be rescued - not exactly something i identified with, nor what Rob really deserved. Come on, a simpering maiden for the dashing, brave, angsty Robin Hood? To me, true love is about finding someone who not only sees and accepts your demons but also is willing to step up and fight them when you stumble. Marian couldnt do that for Robin, but Scarlet certainly could..[...]




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