Finally Finished The Magicians Apprentice, was pretty good.

The Magician's Apprentice (Black Magician Trilogy, #0.5) - Trudi Canavan

Now, i have absolutely no clue what i want to say about this book.....
hmmm well from the get go i felt like this book would be a 4 star rating and it never let me down, which i think is a good sign.

Ummm the characters were great, to me they felt pretty believable in their actions, behaviors and thoughts. I highly enjoyed how some of the characters changed and grew for the better and some didnt, some didnt really change at all but it was still good cause that suited the characters personality. lol.
Even the Evil guys, weren't completely evil - well one of them was but he died pretty quickly.


I found it difficult reading this book all in one go, even though i always enjoyed it i found myself only being able to read it for and hour or two here and there, which is really unusual for me and i still cant figure out why.... wonder if anyone else had this problem as well?


I loved the change of POV, it gave the 'world' more dimension. we got to see from so many different points of views from both cf the main cultures and i felt the transaction was very smooth and never confusing. though god i was SOO frustrated at times when the strong changed from one characters exciting moment to another character current story line - especially towards the end when i REALLY wanted to know what happened with Tess and Jayan. but i dont think it took away from the story at all, maybe even made it more exciting?


speaking of change - seeing 10 years down the track after the war was over was great! i felt like all the strings, plots and twists were tied up neatly and didnt leave me wondering how everybody went (which is always an annoying aspect when finishing a book).


I believe so far The Magician's Apprentice is my most enjoyed High Fantasy yet, which is pretty awesome. i look forward to reading the rest of this series, though i'll no doubt miss some of the great characters from this book.