Read this quiet a few years ago, so its an old review.

Stray  - Rachel Vincent

this book was ok, i was a bit disappointed in the fact that i thought faythe should be a bit smarter and not so well protected by her parents and brothers,i understand that tabby's are rare but she calls her father daddy and half the time i was hitting the book to my forehead going how could you be so dumb. i was impressed when she was locked in the cage with the Brazilian jungle cat and defended herself and abby against him, even though she got hurt pretty badly she came out on top and beat the crap out of him.
i also thought this book got a bit to gory when it came to bambie's mother.. i like bambie i dont want to hear that... haha
but other wise i thought this was an ok book so im going to check out the next book in this series and see how it goes