So sad, loved this series.

Opposition - Jennifer L. Armentrout I'm so happy about where this series ended and I'm a little sad to be saying goodbye to some of my favorite characters. Admittedly me and this book did not get off to the best start, I was very concerned both MC's were going to morph into piles of sad emotional goo, luckily they pulled their shit together and went back to their old amazing selves. <3 Opposition packed a wallop, it was an emotional roller coaster from hell. One scene about three quarters in had me completely misty-eyed. I just wanted to grab Kat in a big ole' hug. When this book wasn't making me (and the characters heartbroken) it was speeding us along by the seat of our pants and making me feel like an adrenaline junkie! However I could have done with fewer sex scene's, D & K couldn't keep their hands of each other! A beautiful ending to a wonderful series. I miss you already! 4.5 Stars