Vigil - Based in Brisbane!! (My Review)

Vigil - Angela Slatter

I'll admit the only reason I managed to finish this book was because it's loosely based in my place of residence (Brisbane) and I was intrigued. It was interesting to see how the author views the place we both live so differently to me, clearly a city girl who spends a lot of time at Kangaroo Point (which does have a beautiful view).

Anywho even though I did at times struggle with finishing Vigil I can't say it was a bad book as I did enjoy it. I think the reason why it was so easy to put down is more due to the pacing, there were times when there was a clear pause in the story, like a mini-finish where I could easily put the book down or would be bored enough to go off and do other things, plus the descriptions were a bit long for my taste, I prefer the minimalist amount. I have a good imagination my brain will do the rest.


The creatures where great, loved how they were dark and deadly. Characters were alright, I didn't really care for any of them or click with them. The main character had the maturity of someone in their late teens/early twenties even though it was obvious her character was meant to be older, this I find is a pet-peeve of mine. Really bugs me.
The book being based in brissy was trippy, some places were easily identified others not (though I did wonder if I'd be able to look up some places or people and see a real life version). The idea of so many people disappearing here is a bit ludicrous. It's not a very big city and we have a fairly good homeless community service programs here, even if they can't find a spot in a home they have access to food for free a few times a week by different groups, so the regulars are well known. Still not a bad idea if the city was bigger or if I hadn't lived here for a few years I'd be totally behind the idea.


I really enjoyed how everything came together nice and neatly in the end. I had no clue as to whom the bad guy was masquerading as so that was a nifty little surprises.
Anyways based on everything I decided to rate this book 2.5/3 stars.