Re-read The Better Part of Darkness

The Better Part of Darkness - Kelly Gay

This is the 2nd time I've read The Better Part of Darkness and I have to say I have some serious issues with this book.

The first being that Charlie's head is firmly wedge up her own ass. The woman complains about everything. Apparently everyone should be kind and friendly and just to Charlie because she's 'totally badass and awesome', never mind the fact that she lashes out at everyone when things don't go her way. Charlie also has a massive issue seeing past herself. Other people have problems and issues, just because they don't attack, bitch or whine to everyone in their surrounding area doesn't mean everything is dandy and okay for them.


If this had been my first time reading the series I'm not sure I would continue onto the next book. Luckily I know it improves.... plus the world itself is fantastic (something I appreciate the originally) and I adored Rex.

Side note: This book reminds me of the first few books of the October Daye series - you know how Toby (MC) is suppose to posses a brain that she utilizes to solve crimes and issues because she's a detective, but what really happens is she runs around fumbling the whole time while everyone waits for her to catch up. With the 'bad guys' conveniently popping out of the woodwork to make her life easier. Remember those cringe-y moments? Well this book painfully reminded me of that.


2.5/3 Stars.