Something From The Nightside!

Something from the Nightside - Simon R. Green

Really enjoyed listening to this book. The voices were well done (for the most part... listening to a man try to create the voice of an upper class lady was more hilarious than successful).

I loved the characters, they all have creative and interesting names (well those from the nightside) and fascinating back stories, I wouldn't mine learning more about Sally Shooter's & Johns History! I believe there was a little bit of romance in it *wink wink, nudge nudge* lol. speaking of romance I did feel that the..... relationship was a bit odd between Johanna and John, obviously at the end you get a better understanding of why, but thats not what I'm talking about, even under all those circumstance John was so quick to use the L word, which for a character like him I imagine is rather odd, maybe it was because of the circumstance, (view spoiler) or because of what he thought he could have had. Either way it went from 0-60 very quickly.

I didn't get a strong idea of what John's powers were, except for the whole 'seeing' thing, which I imagine is definitely useful, but not quite sure how that makes him a big player? I was kind of hoping for more outlandish magical powers. Though I suppose it is more unique than the usual powers the MC is given.

The nightside itself was incredible! Green has a vivid imagination and looks like he put all his crazy, fantastic and sometimes horrid ideas all in the one place, the nightside. From the sounds of it, nightside is similar to a drug (except of course it's actually a place) its addictive, makes you feel alive and vibrant but bad for your health. Actually it vaguely reminds me of Kate Daniels' Atlanta except its filled with British people, and less furry creatures. Mainly expect nothing but crazy shit.

I also got a little sneak peak of book 2, and now I'm desperate to listen to it!! sounds amazing. Especially that Sorrow lady.