Ender's Game

Enders Game Boxed Set - Orson Scott Card

Heads up - this review is all over the place, mainly I just wrote down whatever came to mind and didn't bother putting it into a more coherent order....

A rather strange book, but I enjoyed listening to it for the most part. It was a nice distraction while I was cooking, catching the bus, doing chores, etc.

I do want to point out these odd kissing and naked scene's - what was with those? mainly the naked fighting scene, that just seemed particularly bizarre. Freudian slip perhaps? Or perhaps it was just meant to be innocent boys fighting in the nude and it just came across a little weird via the audio version?

One of the best things about this book was it's surprises and slow build. You have an idea something was going to happen but no clue when, where or how - it was fun, though I didn't bother trying to guess like I usually would, just enjoyed the ride.

The characters were a bit....meh. One could say it's because the author didn't put enough effort into creating and building them, only using them as chess pieces as needed, or someone else could say that the reason they came off so bland was because Ender could never truly get close to anyone enough for us to truly get a read on them, and therefor they came off a distant and maybe more 2 dimensional.... me being the cynical bitch that I am favor the first opinion more. Though I did love the fact there was no love interest!

I have mixed feelings about the narration - some of it was good, other times a bit iffy.

The ending was enjoyable and satisfying. And i especially enjoyed the authors little speech at the end. He's pretty funny, maybe a little up himself (hard to tell when your only listening to an audio tape) but I had a good laugh at a lot of what he had to say.
Apparently there's a movie - after listening to the author explain how he....changed it, I must admit to be rather interested in watching it. Here's hoping its good!

Not sure I'll read the other books attached to Ender's Game though they did sound interesting - we'll see.