DNF @ 9 pages.

The Golden Princess: A Novel of the Change - S.M. Stirling

I got to page 9 and was so completely bored I decided to give up. I imagine had I read the other books I might have been more interested in the funeral scene, however all I noticed at the time was the large amount of descriptions of the surrounding land, the people and mainly the sword. For some unknown and odd reason there was a ridiculously large amount of information about this sword. Its a sword for fucks sake, we don't need to know all the details within the first few pages!

Usually I'm okay with info dumping, I read a lot of UF where they have a tendency to dump you in the deep end and wait to see if you swim or sink, unfortunately in this case I sunk, and I sunk quickly. 

At this time I have zero desire to continue. Shame the cover and blurb were intriguing.