My Thoughts: The Great Zoo of China.

The Great Zoo of China - Matthew Reilly

The Great Zoo of China started off strong. The introduction gave us the setting for the story - a death scene, a hint of bad guys and dragons. Afterwards we were introduced to our characters, given tidbits of information about their history and relationships with each other. Then to the zoo and dragon, this part was great, they explained in detail how they came across the dragons, their skills, abilities, and physical structure, the linking DNA with other creatures, how the dragons played a part in history - all of the information was sound, if dragons did exist I could easilypicture them being just like this.
Later on we go for a little exploration around the zoo, check out the incredible skill of the Chinese when it comes to infrastructure, where the dragons live, their activities, where people would visit and how they'd interact with the dragons - then the action started and all logic and physics went flying out the window.
The action was badass! everyone....well almost everyone was dead within just a few hours, with the book describing the gory death scene's, the dragons eating peoples faces, blood and brain matter everywhere, the inability of people being able to fight and survive against such a brutal and intelligent predator..... think Jurassic Park times a thousand. Which was cool and all but the complete lack of realistic survival kept pulling me out of the story, the dragons were so badass, its ridiculous to believe anyone would survive, let alone CJ who continuously stopped during a life and death moment so she could watch the dragons kill everyone around her. And who would put her in charge of the group when there was a perfectly good military guy just standing around? He would be the most logical choice - of course she was the only person intelligent enough to figure that tidbit out as well. Sorry CJ but with how much importance you were given made me dislike you a lot more than I ordinarily would - she was a tough, intelligent, go-getter, who played with crocodiles for a living and was a vet. Really she was thatamazing, but it was overshadowed by the unbelievable parts she played in the book, girl was a glory hog.
Still the beginning was great and the action entertaining, and it had dragons so this book is still worth at least 3 stars just for that!



Side note: I also noted that all Chinese in this book where a least a little bad/evil except for 2. A little girl (of course she had to be innocent) and a clumsy electrician. Which seemed a tad (very) odd.

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