Much better than Butcher's other work

The Aeronaut's Windlass - Jim Butcher

I rather enjoyed this book, I'm not going to say it was perfect or had no holes - cause it had a tone! but non the less I enjoyed flying through the sky and tracking down the baddies with the rest of the crew, enough to rate this book 4 stars. I even looked forward to all the POV changes, as each character was a blast.

Some issue's I had:
- The cover doesn't fit the book. Who is it? logically Grim would make the most sense but this man is too young to be Grim. Even though it's confusing I do still adore it.
- Characters sounded very similar from one POV to another.
- Bad guy was bad just for the sake of being bad...well in this case because they where insane, but still, from what i read there really was no reason for them to go so evil.
(there were more, but I can't recall them now)