Mistborn: Re-read

Mistborn: The Final Empire - Brandon Sanderson

I apparently hadn't read all of this book the first time round like i had originally thought, so the ending was a nice little surprise.....well mostly. Overall I still loved the book (how could I not love something created by Brandon Sanderson!?!) though I still have mixed feelings about Vin's character growth. Its wonderful to see characters changing over the period of a book, but Vin was just so fascinating to read when she was so mistrustful, plus she was super deviant which I loved. I think part of the reason I struggled to keep up with Vin's personal growth is because a lot of it happened behind the scene's (which is totally cheating btw!) Sure we saw the seedlings planted but then we jumped a big step! I know, I know Brandon couldn't spend the whole time at the beginning on Vins transformation (there was a lot going on!) but I just wanted to witness just a teeny-tiny bit more!

Anyways the rest of the book was awesome, loved the powers, characters and cultures. Though I'm hoping the next books spend more time on the other characters. Sure some had vague back stories and history but I wouldnt mind a little more! especially Breeze, was he always this smooth cultivated man? what about Ham? I'm also hoping to learn more about the grown-up mistwraith thing, such a unique creature and unlike anything I've come across before!

I miss Kell & is quirky ways, but I'm also looking forward to more of Marsh and Saze

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4 Stars.