re-read of Tortured

Tortured - Amanda McIntyre

What a terrible and cliched book. I can't recall how many times i rolled my eyes at the dialog or scoffed and their 'realistic' behaviour and attitude, and yet.... I loved every moment of it!
It's a similar feeling to those gross but delicious sour twisties that weirdly taste of lime - you can only handle it in small doses to appreciate its awesomness.


I had completely forgotten how this book ended, it was pretty bad. And i doubt I'll be re-reading it anytime soon, but i just know down the track, in another few years or so I'll start thinking about this brutal world and these two completely fucked up people and their insane relationship and the craving to relive their lives will emerge. And really who wants to read 'romance' about sane people living their happy lives anyways? Give me gore and revenge with a side dish of romance any day over that!!

(Side note: I did drop a star for this re-read, now 4 stars)