Symbols in Dreams: What Do they Reveal About Yourself?



Have you ever thought about dreaming process in a detailed manner? If not, then it is better to understand because dreams have a huge role to play in developing our minds to a certain level. This is a matter of fact that indicates every person on earth does experience a phenomenon of dreaming for 90 minutes to 2 hours in the night. Therefore, being a human being you must be aware of the importance of symbols in dreams.


Meaning of Dreams

According to the definition which was given by the father of Psychology Sigmund Freud, dreams can be easily differentiated into two main parts: one is manifest content and other islatent content.

  • Manifest Content

    After awaking from a dream, the thoughts and feelings which you remember and can easily describe in your own words to others as and when required are what Freud calls manifest content. This is the content of the dream which is actually censored and as a result the meaning of the dream is changed. During these situations, people do not disclose the actual content of their dreams in front of others.

  • Latent Content

    This kind of dream content is the actual one and it is based on reality as well. Therefore, this cannot be explained or interpreted as it will remain the same.


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