My First Ever Official Blog Post!!!

Fuck yea baby!! kicking ass and taking names!!!




This was totally me when i found out ^^^


Anyways the details behind the whole thing is I'm currently studying my duel diploma in counselling and community services, and I have to do so many hours of placement. I was lucky enough to score a placement at a psychology centre. They've never had any students on before, I'm their first!! Mainly I just help out where ever I can, but the director had this nifty little website with a blank blog spot that she had been trying to utilize but never really had any spare time (how that women get's so much done in one day is beyond me, though I wish she'd tell me her secrets! I could rule the world with that power! lol) anyways she suggested to me, and a few others that we try giving it a go, I wasn't super hopeful, my writing skills....... well there's a lot to be desired. But I gave it a shot anyways (I had recently came across mindfulness in the ACT resource files and it had interested me) and she liked my post!! I was so surprised and ecstatic, then she sat me down and asked for 6 more! 6 more!!!!

Anyways this is the first one. I've only done 3 to date, one has been posted, the other is still to be looked over for approval. Now I need to find inspiration for the others.....


I just wanted to share my joy with you guys, I never thought I'd succeed at doing something like this, so its pretty awesome that I have ^_^ and hopefully it'll lead to some mad employment down the track. ;D 


(Oh btw, click on the link if you want to have a looksie-loo. It would mean a lot to me if you did :D)