Reap The Wind

Reap the Wind: Cassandra Palmer Series #7 - Karen Chance, Jorjeana Marie

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Usually I rate anything related to Cassie Palmer 5 stars, but I have to admit to having a couple of issues with this book.



To begin with, whats up with all the crazy sex scene's? In general I don't mind them, but this was insane. Did Chance all of a sudden think sex was the solution for everything?! Oh bad guys are chasing you? Don't worry just have some sex, they'll get distracted by your giggly bits! Oh you desperately need to get someone's attention, it's a matter of life and death! Don't worry just start having sex with them, life's all good and time will wait till your finished.....
Last time i checked that's not how the world worked. Maybe I'm seeing this from the wrong angle, maybe it was all about catching up on lost time, maybe Chance was making up for the lack of coitus in the last book or two? who knows, either way I found it to be ridiculous.

Another issue I had was the lack of Billy! I adore Billy and the mayhem he and Cassie always seem to get in to when with each other, he's the true partner in crime, and yet in this book he was barely a cliff note, I missed him & their crazy shenanigans (though Pritkin did put in a good effort on his behalf).

And one last complaint, which is to do with the editing. Me, complain about editing!? I know shocking right? but that's how obvious it was. Not sure if it was just my copy (If we want to get technical, the library's copy) but sentences would stop in the middle and re-pick up a line or two down the page, half the quotation marks and comma's were missing, it was a bit of a mission just to read it, and figuring out who was actually talking was occasionally down-right confusing. Besides that though, love the writing as per usual, had quite a few laughs.

Everything else was great! The book felt a little unresolved, or like nothing was really accomplished but I did have an absolute blast reading it. The action scene's were fantastic, mind-blowing good really, that's pretty much where the four stars are going, the other .5 is for everything else. lol.

Side note: I'm hella suss of Fred. I wonder what he's up too? potential spy perhaps, or getting into his own mischief? Still I love Fred so I hope it's not anything to sinister.

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Good book, highly anticipating the next one, even with all my complaints - though they did only retract half a star.