The Finisher

The Finisher - David Baldacci

I finished this quite a few days ago, but was silly and didn't write a review cause I was feeling lazy. sigh, always turns around to bite me in the ass.


I recall this book being difficult o get into at the beginning, there are a lot of made up words for objects and things that already have perfectly suitable names. The characters were meh, and I didn't really care for the story line, the descriptions were somewhat confusing, then about half way through the book something magical happened. All of a sudden I was concerned for the characters, I wanted them to be happy and win! There was action and such incredible Fantasy - completely whack and unrealistic fantasy that almost didn't make sense, like looking into the head of a child, but it worked!! I was slightly cheering for the characters, and laughing! then the book ended. But I had a fun time, I enjoyed all the weird and wonderful. Oh and did I mention it had pictures!!! I love pictures, all books should have illustrations. It was a nice Middle Grade/Young Adult fantasy book.
I believe there are more books because of the way The Finisher ended, if so, I'll be keeping my eye out for them.
Rated 3.5 Stars.