Magic Rises

Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews

Rated 4.5 Stars
Have to admit this was probably my least favorite Kate Daniels book, not saying much, I would have rated the others more than 5 stars if possible. Usually I'll avoid saying anything about these books because I can never find the words to describe how much I love these books!! but today I thought I would at least say why I didn't enjoy this one as much.

Mainly the reason is because Curran was being a douchebag, all for good reasons, but there could have been a way around it. Books like this have an annoying habit of making a complication in the relationship due to a lack of good communication, to ...up the drama? cause chaos? who knows. the point is COMMUNICATION people!!! luckily this slight bump in the road didn't put me off the series (unlike some others, Bones & Cat, being one example) mainly cause the rest of the book was AMAZING. They wen't over sea's, kick a whole bunch of new peoples asses and came back with some new wonderful characters, and faced a whole new set of issues back at home - whats not to love?

The characters that made the most impression for me in this book was Barabas. Dude is just a legend. Loved how he stuck up for Kate. Mahon was surprisingly supportive as well in Magic Rises.

Best part by far was the epic sword fight between Kate & Hugh.
I would kill for some Curran POVs oh and some Jim POVs when he's attempting to hold the Keep together!! You just know that would have been a nightmare! hahaha