Not a Drop to Drink.

Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis

Not a bad book. It did take me a while to get into the flow of the writing style, I don't know if the author was trying to make a strange accent for the characters (redneck?) or she just has an unusual style, but once i finally got the hang of it I started enjoying Not A Drop To Drink a lot more.
Also the cover is rather misleading, yea there's a house and a pond but otherwise based of the authors descriptions the scene looks quite a bit different. For one there should be a lot more tree's around.

Spoilers Ahead
So I'm a bit to tired to pinpoint quite why I didn't like this book as much as others, maybe it wasn't as well written, or the characters weren't as likable or maybe just because the topic has been done to death (though i find if the other two things are done well enough the topic doesn't matter) the back story and time frame left much to be desired, the author was rather vague about it all. I had only a fuzzy idea of how old Lynn was, no idea how long the story went on for except for some hints because of weather change, and the Epilogue just said a 'few years had past' like that's bloody helpful. Either way there was some draw backs, so I'm only rating this book 3 stars. It would have been 2 except I started enjoying Lynn's POV quite a bit around the second half of the book. She had a sly humour that was similar enough to my own that i caught myself occasionally laughing. Her growth in personality was also fun to watch, I much preferred Lynn after her mum died and Stebbs came into the picture (Stebbs was awesome) though when her mother first died I wanted to bash Lynn upside the head for being so stupid, but one can't force people to be rational in their grief I suppose.
Afterwards Lynn started to shine as a character, she was a rather cold-hearted bitch (always makes for a great MC) but somehow gathered a few tag alongs. Lynn's relationship with Lucy was superbly done, I don't think I've read a similar relationship before in this genre, it was really wonderful to watch.

Lucy was a young malnourished girl that Lynn really didn't want to be responsible for, but in the end couldn't say no to leaving the little girl behind to die. Though had it been up to her and not Stebbs she would have left the others, he was kind of her moral compass. After some time they started bonding really well together, Lucy was pretty adorable and one tough little kid.

(show spoiler)

Lynn had some nice moral struggles that helped make her interesting plus her lack of knowledge about he modern world and a good mix of faults and strengths Helped. Lynn had a love interest who perished in a rather spectacular way (not that uncommon in dyspotia, but i was still impressed) then at the end she shot her father in the face!! it was a pretty spectacular scene - really i would recommend reading the book just for this one scene.
Otherwise not bad. Not sure I'll go out of my way to hunt down more McGinnis books, but i won't turn them down if I randomly come across some.