Do you ever go through those times when your life is just in one big slump?

I quit my job of almost 2 years in late October last year. It was nice, I had some time off, caught up with my friends a lot more, read, played xbox. All the things I wanted to do.

Now I'm finally over it - it never lasts long, I get restless with to much time on my hands. Plus my rent has gone up $30 a week, I can't afford the extra money. I can't go out, even to a bloody cafe for a coffee. I have to watch what I buy grocery wise otherwise I run out $$. This no money thing is driving me bonkers. 

So I got my shit together, updated and revived my resume. Was like no sweat, I'll just go for a simple job, something to get me by for at least the next few months (I had plans of moving as well) and well... the whole job hunting thing isn't going as I had hoped. Turns out most of my relevant experience for 'simple' jobs is out of date. Not a big deal, take a few days to re-train me and I'd be good to go... except there's other younger people who are in the same or similar boat and who don't cost as much. UGH. Now I recall why I stayed so long as my last job even though it was unpleasant and unstable. Sure I could go back, but it doesn't get me anywhere, I want to save to travel, and do fun things, I can't do that with a job where the shifts are willy-nilly.

Okay so it's probably been only a week, but for hours, every day. I've been applying for all kinds of different jobs hoping to find anything that suits my time frame (I'm a full time student) and thats semi-stable. So far no luck and I'm feeling a little bummed by it. Silly I know. but thats how it is. Usually I'm not a big personal sharer. I feel like I can share with you guys and receive no judgement, only encouragement.

So while I know my lack of unemployment isn't that big of a deal, I'm just feeling it, you know. One of those many things that pile up in our life - and my brain has just decided to focus on this particular issue. I have a lot of other things going on, weirdly enough my brain has decided everything else can be fixed once I have steady employment. Probably not 100% accurate but when were feeling overwhelmed that's usually the case. Even more annoying I know this and still can't help but feel bummed and annoyed. lol.

Oh well. Here's hoping I'll get something soon :)
thanks for listening I feel a bit better after sharing.