Reading progress update: I've read 323 out of 480 pages.

Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women - Paula Guran

172pg - Bloody Freak by Nancy Holder
couldn't in the slightest be bothered to read this dribble. within the first 50 words 'that is to say' had been repeated 4 fucking times!!! i don't care if it was meant to be the 60s and everyone was drug fucked. no, just no.
what rubbish. Poor Dracula getting disrespected like that.
.5 star. i would give less but i don't think you can.

184pg - The power and the Passion by Pat Cadigan
This was fantastic, so depraved and fucked up but in such a brilliantly written way. If Pat has written more books like this I'm all over it. It was so interesting and so much left un-told. I want to know about all of it. How was the human monster caught? how did they find out about his abilities? how did there group start? how did V get involved? so many questions.
4 stars.


200pg - (still power and the passion)

I can see why people would be afraid to go to a counselor after reading this shit. I'm not even finished and i can see the glaring mistakes and unethical decisions this lady is making. I know its probably out dated by todays standards, but its still painful to read. and the vampire is boring as hell.
unless he goes all serial killer and prays on her i can't see this being an enjoyable read.


241pg. - The Unicorn Tapestry by Suzy Mckree Charnas
Not only was this story the biggest so far it was also fairly craptacular. Her counselling methods were just painful t read. If anyone wants to know wat not to do here you have it.
So i didn't bother finishing it DNF at probably around 200 pages. Won't be reading this author either.


263pg - This Town Ain't Big Enough by Tanya Huff
Really good. I liked the main character, she had an interesting back story and other romantic partner that were both hinted at. I'd like to know more. I'll be reading more for this author thats for sure!!
Though just wanted to point out a 32yr old having sex with the body of a 17 yr old.... gross. i know he's technically older, but still gross. lol.

3.5 stars.


276pg. - Vampire King of the Gothic Chicks by Nancy. A. Collins
Not bad, not bad at all. not as good as the last story but her history is interesting enough im willing to check out the rest of the books, plus who doesnt love vampire slayers?
3 stars.


282pg - Learning Curve by Kelley Armstrong
I'm a pretty big Armstrong fan. I wasnt sure i would enjoy this particular story though as its attached to her Otherworld Series which personally i think is made up of a bunch of imbeciles. So i was pleasantly surprised. I like Zoe quite a bit, but not enough to try the series again, Bitten was beyond painful to read and watch.
3 stars.

301pg - The Better Half by Melanie Tem
Ugh creepy. Well done, i wasnt sure how the writer was going to spin the story, there were hints here and there, but after reading all these shorts i knew it could have gone anywhere. poor girl being sucked in like that. i wonder what the boys think? he can't have been born like that, must have been changed afterwards.
2.3/3 stars.

313pg - Selling Houses by Laurell K. Hamilton
I didn't really see the point of that story at all, but it wasn't bad. good quick read. I'm glad it wasn't about Anita and her more unique sexual...adventures? lol. that got a little to weird for me personal. this was nice and normal.
2 stars


323pg - Greedy Choke Puppy by Nalo Hopkinson
I didn't enjoy this one as much, it was interesting and i like how it was from another cultures perspective. Especially their take on 'vampires' but I had difficulty reading the speech also because of this, not so much for the 'accent' but in the way words were strung together. I'm sure if it was longer i would have sunk into it more eventually.
2 stars.