What Doesn't Kill You - Iris Johansen

Spoilers ahead - read at own risk

So i decided to not bother going on with this book. Let me just say it isn't because this book is absolute rubbish or anything like that, i just don't really care about it, any of it. I'm not interested in any of the characters except for the boy, Luke (he's eleven by the way) and that's because i suspect he might have sociopathic tendencies if not antisocial personality disorder and i wanted to see where Iris took his character but that's it. He's not even a main character.

He frowned. "And then you'll kill whoever did it?"
What was she suppose to answer? To hell with being anything but honest with him. "It may come to that. If he tries to attack Hu Chang again. I won't let my friend be hurt."
"I.... wouldn't like that to happen." He was silent a moment. "I could help you."
She felt a ripple of shock. "To kill someone? No, I don't think so Luke."
"It wouldn't be that different for me. I probably killed people when I went on raids with Rakovac. I aimed, I pulled the trigger, just as he told me to do."

Plus his mother, the actual MC, drives me a little bonkers. I know, I know she's trying to be kind and understanding, but when she says shit like this:

"You mean it would ave been dangerous." Luke titled his head. "Why don't you say it? I know what you do. Rakovac tole me all time that you had no time for me because you were CIA and that was all you cared about."
Pain rippled through her. "You know that wasn't true."
"No, I didn't. Not for a long while. But then I knew he only wanted to hurt me, and that was probably just another way to do it."
"Actually, he wanted to hurt me." She tried to smile. "You were just the means to an end." A horrible means that had hurt her more than anything else that he could of possibly done. The knowledge that he was hurting her son had been the most excruciating torture. "We've talked about this before. I had hoped to put it behind us."
"Did you?" He was gazing at her, puzzled. "But how can that be? It happened, it's with us. I think about it alot."

I just want to punch her in the head. She's belittling the boys pain, thinking more about herself and how she felt over his needs and that's just not cool.
She really just doesn't get it. The boy has been tortured for years, while a monster tried to make the boy the exact replica of himself. He needs to do things for himself, discover who he is now. Not have it forced upon him.

The conversation with Sam had not made her feel less uneasy.
She wanted Luke in the cocoon, dammit.
It was the only way she could keep him safe and give her the chance to teach him how much she loved him. [.....]
And if he wanted out of that damn cocoon, she'd break it herself before he got the chance.

The rest of the book is fairly boring as well. I didn't give it much chance, but I have a whole bunch of other books I need to read, that are bound to be more fascinating and hold my interests better. Plus it's book 2 and i haven;t even read the book 1 - though i doubt I'll be picking it up. Shame the blurb sounded so interesting.