Read it in a sitting, so you know it can't be that bad.

Tempt the Stars - Karen Chance

So I fianlly got around to reading this book and I haven to admit to slight, very slight disappointment. For me this book wasn't quite as good as the previous. It didn't have as much humour, some of the characters weren't there, i felt the mentioning of short stories as just kind of thrown in there. etc etc.
Dont get me wrong still an excellent book, and after reading it again, I might change my mind. Chance is known for hiding secrets within her work that you don't pick up till you give it a few trys.
I did find some of the writing a bit messy? but I've also had that happen before is some of her action scene's (the one coming to mind was the dragon scene in the city)
I'm intrigued and maybe a little concerned about Pritkin upping his game, I wonder how cassie is going to handle this in the next book!!

I kind of wished there was more.... War Mage action going on as well. <3 love those nutters.

I noticed this time of re-reading the whole series, that the relationship status didn't impact me as much, while i still think Mircea is devious, I don't feel as negatively towards him or as positively towards Pritkin (though still 100% on the Pritkin train) so maybe that had something to do with why I'm rating this book 4 stars instead of 5?
Who knows. Either way I'm excited to get my hands on Reap the Wind.

Side note - I wonder if Pritkin can have sex now? if he can Mircea better put on his game face, at the moment he isnt doing so well, and the mage will give him a run for his money.
And when will there be another Dory book!? I'm waiting for them to finally meet up!!! mainly to see cassie from dory's POV man that is bound to be hilarious!!