Midnight Rescue

Midnight Rescue - Elle Kennedy

This book could have been good, so so good. But (it seems like) the author couldn't make up her mind about the main character, she wanted to make her a bad-ass emotionless killing machine but she also wanted another aspect, she wanted her to be sweet and kind, caring and naive, look lady you can't have both, one or the other. You certainly can't have an assassin who NAIVE!! oh how many times i wanted to smack some brain cells into that girls head. I know i know makes more a more interesting story line but the character makes no bloody sense and it was irritating as hell, Abby was so inconsistent, it got old quickly. The other characters were more interesting, Kane fascinated me for a while there, he was even more interesting then Abby!

The inconsistencies with the characters is my main issue, it impacted my enjoyment enough that i deducted two stars, that how much of a problem it was. Otherwise not a bad book, i like the idea of mercenaries running around killing who they please, all guns blazing. I like the idea of a secret group of female assassins silently killing their targets in the night, using their female charms to get up close and personal - mix the two together good things are bound to happen. Just a real shame this book didn't turn out as good as i had hoped.

I had no plans of reading any further but i had a sneak peak at the next book, and it looks like Sullivan makes an appearance. He wasn't even in Midnight Rescue and yet he intrigued me! who can resist a aussie merc? not me so I'll get around to reading the next book eventually. I also noticed this starred a different MC. I imagine this series is going to be a lot like BDB where every character meets their soul mate or whatever in their own special book, blah no thanks. I hate it when that happens. Another thing to turn me off the series.
The action better be as good in the next book as it was in this one!!