Reading progress update: I've read 161 out of 480 pages.

Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women - Paula Guran

30pg -  A Princess of Spain by Carrie Vaughn (15-30pg.)

I got sick of Kitty (Carrie's most popular character) within 4 books? so i was surprised by how good this short actually was, especially when there's on 15 pages.
featured prince arthur being taken advantage of by a vampire, his younger brother who was meant for nothing saving him and the princess from spain, married into the family to create a union against the french.
3 stars.


39pg - Shipwrecks Above by Caitlin R. Kieran (30-39pg)

I don't believe i have read anything by this author before. The story was dark but not in the way i tend to prefer. It had some seriously messed up incest, and no happy resolution. It was descriptive and certainly painted a dark and gloomy picture but a little over the top, i skipped almost 80% of the description on London as it was completely over done, otherwise not bad.
2.5 stars


56pg - The Fall of the House of Blackwater by Freda Warrington (39-56pg)

Well written but i didn't really see the point of the story except for the main guy to ramble on about his miserable life, which he totally brought onto himself. Apparently this is a short story that precludes a series, not sure I'll check it out though, Sebastian was a bit of a drag and definitely a little insane, and not the good, entertaining kind of insane either.

1.5 stars

62pg - In Memory Of....... by Nancy Kilpatrick (57-68pg)
"Florrie, dearest, we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
"Heaven might be a better destination," Reverend Manchester said, "although there is an alternative."


63pg - 

"You can't be serious!" Auntie chided me. "What kind of a husband do you think a man wearing a purple great coat could make!"

68pg - 

Probably the best short story so far, i absolutely adored the quotes, the pacing, the characters, the story, Everything! even if it was a little depressing towards the end. Nancy did a fantastic job of twisting fact and fiction together to make a fascinating story of Bram Stoker's wife and and the implied theory that Oscar Wilde is the basis of Dracula.
Will read more by Nancy Kilpatrick.

4 stars


83pg - Where The Vampires Live by Storm Constantine (68-83pg)
not a story i particularly enjoyed. This was a story similar to if you crossed fae with shifters and named them vampires. Turned around and had no common sense about the creatures at all and romanticized the whole thing. Two dimwit girls falling in love with something that was never real or meant to be.
2 stars. would have given it one but it wasn't terrible, just not enjoyable for me personally.


95pg - La Dame by Tanith Lee (83-95pg)

I wasn't impressed with this story. I could see how one might intemperate the ship as a vampire, but it would have just been better to have it as a soul sucking ghost ship or something than try and make it something it didn't really seem to fit the image of. When one says there writing about vampires i want feral behaviour and pointy teeth and inhuman strength, not a boat that changes colour.
1 star


111pg - Chicago 1927 by Jewelle Gomez (95-111pg)
I really enjoyed this work, such a unique perspective about what it is to be a vampire. There was still bad vampires and bad people, but the main character herself was incredible, how she saw the world, and how she changed it for the better. The picturing of peoples thoughts and finding the good in everyone, it was wonderful. I'll be looking into this series further.
4 stars


161pg - Renewal by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (111-161pg)
Wasn't to my particular taste, nothing wrong with the vampires as a species in this short, but i disliked the characters. Now i have never been a massive fan of journalist, i think they put others in harms way, but never had i thought them stupid, apparently this author does. The shit this character does is beyond ridiculous & reckless, no wonder he ended up dead.
Not interested in further works.