2016 Resolution!!!

It's that time of year again.......







Firstly, the important resolutions: My Reading List. haha
1 - Read as many 'wish-list', 'must-read' & recommended books as possible.
This is because on my GRs shelf i have multiple shelves dedicated to books i really really want to read and never get around to it, weird i know. secondly i have over 100 rec's, i really should get started on some.
2 - Read my author-freebies
I still have a pile of books authors have gifted me and haven't gotten around to for various reasons.

3 - Fix my Kindle

hard to read my books when my kindle screen doesnt want to work.

4 - Read the physical books i actually own!!

I swear everyone has this problem.


love reading


Now that thats out of the way onto my real life Resolutions. you might want to skip these, though they will tell you a lot about me.

1 - Get a Job within the next 2 weeks

I have been un-employed for around 2 months now and its horrid, i change my mind i want to go back to work, I need the money, I hate being broke.

2 - Find a new place to live by the 25th of Jan

As usual of late there have been complications at my current residence. One of my biggest concerns is the inability to have my cat living with me, he's not handling it well and my mum wants to give him back, i want him back. I spent years shredding his terrible habits and bad behaviour, I deserve to have my bloody cat live with me, but my housemate is allergic. So new house with new housemate. Plus i can no longer afford rent.

3 - Aim for a healthier life.
This means many things for me. Firstly a major concern for me is my back, its terrible out of alignment. I have a big dip in my lower back which eventually protrudes out near my shoulders and neck, causing my headaches, migraines and server shoulder and neck pain. Now to do this i need to become more fit, my muscle have deteriorated in certain area's over time (i partially blame city living for this). Here's a mini-list of things that need working on:

A) Become more physically fit

   - work on lower and middle Traps/Rhomboids, Lats and Core.

   - get inserts for shoes, this well help with posture.
   - continue with yoga
B) Eat better.

     my diet is atrocious

C) Be more sound of mind

no I'm not loony. but i have terrible self care, and have the occasional mood swings (mainly down) this is partially due to my physical self and my diet, but my current life style also doesn't help. A healthier mind will help me with future career goals as well. Plus i have some relationship commitments I'd like to work through.
D) Pick up a hobby.

hobby's are essential for a healthy life balance. Since moving to the city i have none outside of reading and playing xbox, these are quite what i personally classify as healthy hobbies, as they dont help my whole body, my mind may enjoy them, but my body gets no nourishment from them and its bad being inside all the time, I'm starting to look like a vampire.
4 - Travel Overseas!
I've been wanting to travel for so long and just could never afford it. One of my housemates says I've been putting myself off, it doesnt cost much, i could easily save for it within a year (my last job didn't help) so that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to save to travel to Ireland & Scotland and have a date picked by the end of the year (hopefully by mid-year).

5 - Get a new car

this one isn't as pressing as i originally thought, now with my plans to travel. I own a Pajero Mitsubishi 96, it has a lot of issues. I can afford to get those issues fixed but everything i do with this car cost twice as much. to get a simple service for a smaller car, $120. For mine, $220 and that was the cheapest i could find. it like that with everything. Reggo, $500 for 6 month, for a small car its $600 for a year!! plus heaps of shit is broken on it and I'm a little over it (mainly my windows not working, including the drivers window being stuck down, super fun to drive when its raining, let me tell you -_-) I'm almost 25, i feel as though i should have a more decent car than this at my age. But i do love her, I call her The Beast ^_^ and I'm secretly glad to keep her for longer, even if reggo is due in 2 months and I'm not sure i can afford it.
6 - Go to Melbourne.

everyone says its great, i have 2 good friends who live there, the flights are super cheap so what has stopped me?

7 - Graduate.

I will definitely do this, I only have 6 months to go, even if I'm terribly behind on placement. Next year i will concern myself with more education (i want at least a bach) this year i think i'll focus on saving and working.

currently doing a duel diploma. I've actually finished one already, just have the community services to go.


And I believe that everything.
now you know possibly all there is to know about me. ^_-

party hard harry potter style