Reading progress update: I've read 403 out of 403 pages.

Body of Evidence - Patricia Cornwell

278pg - you know, drifting off into la-la land about your ex-bf (from over a decade ago!!) while a witness give you potentially crucial information, is not what one would call professional or intelligent.
Pull your head out of your ass and get your game face on. concentrate women, for fucks sakes.

(harsh? maybe, but this is like the 5th time and its getting old quickly)

308pg - I'm so sick of Marino (the police partner) I don't know if it was just the era or if he is truly a terrible person. I can't even recall all the times he has bad mouthed 'fags' and people suffering with AIDS. its horrendous.
He's constantly throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way, he's like a child with a gun.
but I do admit, he does, on the rare occasion do good police work. just not right at this moment.

322pg - awww. poor sammy!! :( how depressing.

403pg - seriously? she got with the douche-bag
3 stars. mainly for the mystery.