Could have been better

Black Blade Blues - J.A. Pitts

Overall I was fairly unimpressed with Black Blade Blues. I disliked the main character, she was immature and made terrible choices and had a crap attitude. Now i know some of those choices were out of her hands (which i think is a lazy plot line to create extra drama) but that doesn't excuse everything away. I did on occasion feel for her, i can understand her reaction in relation to the PDA, at the time she was stunned and not coping very well with all the mixed emotions and guilt coming up, but you make a mistake and you apologize for it. It wasn't terrible, embarrassing maybe but not unforgivable, but she had to drag it out and make it TEN TIMES WORSE. The whole time i was just cursing what an idiot she was. And it wasn't just that - there was so much emotional and drama crap until about 3/4 of the book. filled with angsty, brooding miserable main character, who was in a lesbian relationship (once again could have been better) where i personally didn't see much connection, a tiny bit of black smiting (there was a lot of potential here that wasn't taken advantage of, least the author seems to know a decent amount about horses) some weird crap to do with a movie set (who didn't appear to be very successful. and was filled with assfaces). Then we were introduced to the action - this is what i had been waiting for!! everyone (okay some people) said this is where it gets good! and okay it got more enjoyable, but still managed to flop in some places, how can one flop when fighting dragons, trolls, ogres and giants? HOW?
Sarah likes, oh no the evil dragon has my GF i have to rescue her, she means everything to me. so does she go rescue the GF? no of course not, that would be expected, instead she runs off and kills a whole bunch of bad guy minions, occasionally looks over to make sure the GF hasnt been taken by the dragon in the helicopter which was RIGHT THERE (cause you know, of course a normal women would be able to fight off a dragon for a good 10 mins, even though he's already beaten the crap out of her and she can barely stand, makes sense yea?) then after skills hacked and killed most dudes and has run back and forth a few times she decides now is a good time to take on the dragon and save the GF, never mind she's all broken and crap from all the previous fighting. Yes least the hardest fight for last - good strategy, no way you'll end up dead.
and don't get me started on that fucking dwarf.

On the plus side, in the last 10 pages i was like yea, this is pretty good i might read the next books. then i thought of all the shit i had to read to get here and decided nope. Unless it is 100% amazing and declared by all I'm not picking it up. I will enjoy someone's spoilers instead. quicker and easier.