Prayers for the Stolen

Prayers for the Stolen - Jennifer Clement

This has to be one of the most random books I've read. Not for the fact that its bizarre or unrealistic, but for the fact its an assemble of random events that happens to this poor girl. It's like the girl has written a diary including her life's story. It started in a random chapter of her life and ends at a random chapter of her life, we have no clue what happens to her, or quite a few people actually. there's so many loose ends - but in a weird way it makes sense because for her, Ladydi, she doesn't know these things, she doesnt know what happened to most of her friends, whether their dead, alive, etc so we don't know what happens to them. Its actually kind of annoying, i like resolution, i like finding out the ending, even if its not satisfying or pleasant. We don;t even know anything about the main character after she turns what? 15? 

we know her mum and half sister want to take her to america, and that she's pregnant but thats it.

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the book ends after her life is practically just starting!!!


One thing i must say is i rather enjoyed the prison part, all the characters were interesting (much more interesting than the rest) there stories were heartbreaking and horrible to hear. But they had this incredible bond with one another, they were much more kinder than i would have expected.

All in all an interesting story, but i think there's better ones written out there. To me it felt like the author was trying to be lyrical with her words, but i just finished reading Beauty of the Broken and she had nothing on Tawni Waters. I doubt i'll ever re-read this book, but i'm glad i gave it a chance. It's horrifying what happens to some people in the world, and without people like Jennifer to tell us their stories we would never know. Stories like these help keep us compassionate and appreciative, something that appears to be lacking a lot in the world these days.

I think this book would impact someone from america a lot more than it would impact someone from other countries, just like a story similar to this by an aboriginal would impact me more than maybe someone from america. I think this would be a good book for mature teens from america to read.