The High Lord - Trudi Canavan

ARGGH!!!! I can't believe they finished the story there!! yea it was a nice ending and i have a good idea about the future of my favorite characters book....i want more!!!

Actually I'm surprised Trudi managed to fit so much into one book, it started off pretty slow, then about half way through things started getting really interesting, even then i thought there was no way they could fit in a whole magically battle and end on a satisfying note. apparently she could. But i still want to know more - like a small little novella in a yr or so time telling me what everyone has been up to.

I recall this being an issue with the prequel as well, which i also adored, and wanted to know what happened to the main character ever since, it wasn't mentioned in the actual 'series' books that i know of (unless she was the crypt lady)





(prob rate 4 stars)