Embrace the Night - Karen Chance

So I've read 3 books in 3 days. Touch the DarkClaimed By Shadow and Embrace The Night. With Embrace the Night probably being my least favorite so far, not sure i can 100% pinpoint as to why, probably along the lines on the love-spell and Mircea, I know whats coming up next, he's a devious bastard and so far in the books i've read he hasn't totally slipped up yet in front of Cassie (though she's more forgiving on most things than i would be) also I'm super desperate to get to book 6 as book 5 ended in an epic cliff hanger!! plus cassie is way more kick butt in those books, but I'm still enjoying re-evaluating everything again along with her, looking for those hidden 'easter eggs' Chance mentions now and then.

I believe my book reading buddies are still unfortunately on book 1, though if there on track they should be on book 2 but i havent heard from them in a few days - maybe they fell into the cassie trap? and they won't come up for air until all the books to date have been read. I hope not because I won't be moving past here (ETN) without confirmation my buddies arn't in some kind of book-coma-state, and that would be very unfortunate for me.... haha.

I suppose least i have some Pritkin shorts to satisfy myself with until they reappear!