A dance of Cloaks

A Dance of Cloaks - David Dalglish

Not quite as good as The Way of The Shadows (which is why i rated this 3.5 stars, instead of 4) but a pretty entertaining read in its own right.
At te end David explains he got his inspiration for this series from The Night Angel series and the Game of Throne Series, and i can certainly see there involvement. For one almost everyone dies, and i do meant almost! i believe in the end only 3, 4? characters of any worth survive. Plus there's the whole cloak thing, running around assassinating people, unfortunately for David Brent just happens to be the more skilled story teller, i was more involved in his characters. A Dance of Cloaks is still totally worth a read though - i just recommend reading this one first then Brent Weeks stuff (he can be brutal & sickening).

I also read that the main character for this series is based off a side character for another series (spin-off?) apparently that character was all mysterious and had no back story but was everyone's favorite so David being the nice bloke he apparently is decided to write The Watcher his own series, we find out how be became who he is, where he came from, etc. which is pretty cool. I'm definitely interested in reading the rest of the series.


Oh i forgot to mention - There's these... God worshipers in this series, 2 of them actually, an evil lot and a good lot. There spectacular. The evil guys have this separate group loosely attached to them called the faceless women, there wrapped in all this cloth, covered from head to toe, and the strips of cloth move like dancing shadows, and there ridiculously badass and murder everyone. The way the scene's were written were superb, the imagery was so easy to follow and picture, i adored those scene's and the creation of this unique women.