Coolest book about History

The Girl King - Meg Clothier

The first page or two of the Girl King book was slightly difficult to get through, i had no idea what the names belonged to or who they may be referencing, but once you get past that this book was splendid.

The characters were awe-inspiring, and so different to one another, i adored the different cultures and types of speech.
Watching Tamar grow into the queen was fantastic, she had to get through such difficult times and learn new things that no one ever expected her to go through (sorry for being vague trying to avoid spoilers) personally i love it when someone has to fend for themselves, after living a life of luxury, and Tamar did a pretty decent job.
The relationship between her and her sister when they grew up was adorable, sweet and tender, they both learnt so much in their time separated, and both grew for the better because of it. I wont even touch on Sos except to say i feared for him, he was such a kind, caring and wonderful boy, so different from the teenager he was when we first met him.

Now the best thing about this book is that its based 'loosely' off history!! isn't that fantastic! the author told us at the end what was and wasnt true, which im thankful for because my facts on history suck - Meg did an excellent job and I'm so glad i picked up this book.

There's some information on her as well as a portrait if you can locate it.
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Beautiful job. kudos.