A list of likes and dislikes.

The Girl with the Iron Touch - Kathryn Smith

Rated 4 stars.

What I enjoyed:

- I really enjoyed the action in this book
- The fact they finally seem to of stopped the ridiculously multiple love-triangles-squares? that was just getting on my nerves!!
- The character's (for the most part, they were occasionally annoying)
- The villain and creepy robots.
- The ghosts
- The switch in POVs - especially Em.
- The scientific crazy-ness

What I disliked:
- The swooning.
- The Brooding.
- the ridiculous make out scene's 

oh no Em has been kidnapped. lets hug because were worried, oh what a nice mouth you have let me stick my tongue in it, oh hat a nice butt you have, let me grab it. Sam: would you fuckers knock it off em has been taken. then the guilt kicks in, but dont worry 5 seconds later they're at it again -_-
Teenagers can be vapid and shallow but this is just ridiculous, especially for this century - they got busted like 5 times!!
i remember when i was a teenager, there was this boy i liked, we were wagging with some friends, the teach came down to our spot, did we inappropriately make out while worried about being caught? no we hid like rabbits, than bolted - he even accidentally elbowed me in the face as we were hidden, busted my lip and everything, did he kiss it better? no he profusely apologised, then we bounded off when the teacher wasnt looking (i already had a month worth of detentions i wasnt getting more) later that day, maybe the next? he asked me out. haha << point of my story is no matter your age you don't loose all control and just make out!!

(show spoiler)

- the humor still wasn't as good as it was in the first book.
- the author has a habit of repeating certain words and sentences. (I will be happy never to hear people from the 1800's from england say darnation and tarnation ever again in my life.)
- we didnt get to find out anything more about wildcat.
- all the crying, why were they so emotional? over the slightest things!


so yea while there were some big downsides for me, in the end i decided this book was worth 4 stars just for the fact i enjoyed the crazy science side of things and watching every body kick butt with their made gadgets and superb powers.