Finished my 2nd Re-read of this book.

The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross

My Thoughts:

4 stars

I'm really glad i re-read this book, but i have to admit this time around i didnt get as caught up in the story and noticed some things i didnt like as much, such as some personality traits. Griffin and Sam got on my nerves quite a bit, i preferred Finley where she had a moor bipolar mood state, Em and jasper were great, with Jack Dandy probably being my favorite. also not only was there 1 long-triangle but 2!!! WTF Cross? at least one was settled quickly and if Jack doesn't appear in book two i imagine the other will be two - though why she would choose griffin over Dandy is beyond me.
Otherwise the read was still quite entertaining, even if i knocked off a star. I'm looking forward to reading the next book.


My Original Review:
5 stars - 19.may.2013

LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. It was AwesomeTastic, which is a legit word, it means you MUST run out RIGHT NOW and go get this book cause it is that good!!!

I have to say im a little disappointed in my friends, whats wrong with you guys? Why didn’t you make me read this book earlier????? No matter i’v read it now :P

All the characters in this book where fantastic, and i loved their abilities, all of which were amazing. I cannot wait to go to America with Finley to go save Jasper‘s butt.

Now about the love triangle, i know i know your sighing and thinking of reading another book now, but it isn’t much of a love triangle, and its pretty obvious who Finley will end up choosing (not that she has done so yet, but im physic) :P personally i would chose Jack Dandy, that dude is Yum, with a Capital Y! Plus i like it when the underdog wins sometimes (isn’t that why all of us are cheering for pritkin? And also because he’s delish and clearly the best choice but we’ll ignore that part for the moment for the sack of my argument). Plus Jack clearly isn’t as cruel and emotionless as he pretends. I’ll feel highly..... mmm not disappointed but sad (maybe?) if he doesn’t win, though in saying that i’d prob feel the same if Finely doesn’t chose Griffin either.... its not really a win situation here. Hmmmmm. I KNOW!!!! Win win – she can have both! YAY!!!! Or she can give me Dandy, whichever, i’d be quiet happy with either option. Lol.

Well if the library was open today i know what i would be doing- going and hunting down the next book, but *sigh* i have to wait until tomorrow, dreadful i know, the world is clearly a cruel cruel mistress. I suppose i’ll just have to day dream and maybe play some xbox until then.