"You must think it strange that I'm digging up my grandfather." "Not at all. I'm sure many young men dig up their grandfathers."

The Life of a Teenage Body-Snatcher - Doug MacLeod

Entertaining Read.
I'm not sure i would have picked this up anytime soon if it wasn't my challenge book (though possibly if i came across it randomly in the library) and I'm quite glad i did. It reminds me of the amusing YA books i use to come across at random, with strange and fascinating characters with unusual back-stories, going on strange adventures - in this case body snatching. Who doesn't love a good body-snatch story? Its set in 1828 so the gruesome aspect is deliciously believable (well I'm not hundred percent sure heads alone would cause enough sludge that you could swim through them, but compared to today rigorous standards i can get behind the idea) and the language was just fantastic, Thomas always the perfect gentlemen.
The ending was a little sad, and i still have some questions, probably because i wasn't paying enough attention - like who was John's father? and i want to know Thomas new identity. But all in all i have to say an enjoyable read.




I can see many people liking this book, with its dark but amusing take on history. Would recommend to people aged 12-16 easily.




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