Mouth Dribble About Good Book

Fate's Edge -  Ilona Andrews

I dont get as much enjoyment out of these books as i do from other books written by the Andrews duo, I'm not really sure what it is.... maybe just the simple fact these characters just don't sit as well with me. In saying that i still love these books, i just hold Ilona up on a shiny pedestal so occasionally not all her books/storys are going to live up. For This particular book the only problem i had really was towards the end the relationship between the two main characters seemed rushed. she was going along steady ad i was really enjoying it, it made sense. The female character has been hurt by men all her life, by men her were meant to protect her and always stick up for her, and they didnt. The male character... well he's set on revenge, not much room for other things, plus the only relationships he's witnessed have fallen apart and damaged the people involved. So as you can imagine, so and steady is the way to go.... then we get to over 3/4 of the way into the book and they have kissed maybe 3 times, its like Ilona just gone holy fuck!! the book is almost finished!! next thing we know they're deciding what made them love each other and having somewhat inappropriate sex (they were in the bad guys lair on a job they could have gotten them killed) though i'm mainly focused on the switch in personality from un-trusting to okay lets get married!!! they have known each other like 10 days!!! tops!! 10 DAYS!! these two are cynical, you can't change that much of your belief system in 10 days! anways that was pretty much my only real issue. The characters were great, i loved Jack and George, they're adorable. Jack's POV was fantastic. I imagine William and that female swordsmen are the main couple in the second book?  doesnt matter i liked them two. The world was interesting, i loved all the powers and villains, the pretense in familiar honor, really it was all just fantastic!! really looking forward to reading the other books.