Reading progress update: I've read 26%.

Relentless - Karen  Lynch

25% - No teenage girl thinks a smile is sensual. I don't care how much Jane Eyre she's been reading, no teenager thinks like that.



26% - Well it's obvious what the beast is then. She's totally going to freak when she finds out. I wonder if healing is a side effect, or from her fathers side of the family.

This plot line sounds suspiciously like that Cassandra Claire series, though I only read that one book forever ago so I could be wrong.

But doesnt the Mori Demon come from the fathers side of the family - no, that was just the first one. Then her MIA mother is probably a Mohiri who either left or ran away, started a family and either bailed back to the hunter group or died.

26% - I changed my mind. This book is much more like the Strange Angel series. Nikolas is Christopher, and Roland is Graves with Sara being Dru. Dru was cooler, her name is better too.