Awwww What A Cute Ending.

Murder of Crows  - Anne Bishop

I was a little meh about some of the relationship aspects in this book, but I'm really glad they didn't rush it. Meg and Simon have a unique relationship based on their past, personalities and beliefs. It makes this relationship wonderful and special, not something to be rushed, nor did Bishop try to squish it into a 'box' like most other authors would do, and i appreciate that.

The rest of the book was also quite good, not as brilliant as the first book (though i can't pinpoint exactly why) but still a bloody good read!

I see some new characters in our future, which I'm highly anticipating, especially that Crow, he's seems amusing and like a good new addition to the family they seem to have going on here.

The other characters were just as great as last time and seem to have bonded even more with Meg, which seem a little odd but then i suppose they would see how Simon is around her and follow his lead.

I'm excited for the next book! which I'll sadly have to put off for a few days (if i can) all this reading is giving me a headache - actually i think its more the lying in strange positions for long periods of time without moving.... but same thing. Plus its screwing with my sleeping pattern. why do you have to be so good?