Black & White

Black and White - Caitlin Kittredge, Jackie Kessler

This book was unlike anything I ave ever read before, it was fantastic. I adored the characters, all of them - they had such gritty and interesting history's and personalities that we had the incredible opportunity to explore, with not only 2 different POV but also two time frames, the current moment and that past. It was executed superbly.

The world was fascinating, the corporate has taken over the world, pretty much the new government. They decide how things should be. They're doing a pretty lousy job, the world is crud, rape, murder, beatings all happen on a frequent basis on the ground. Then you have a school filled with special kids with incredible (and vastly different to what I've read in the past) abilities, these kids are raised to be hero's and fight crime - some of them turn evil, or as we call them villains. Of course they're life is a lot cushier then the ground so normal people either go all crazy fan-girl over them or despise them.

Our two main characters are Jet and Iri, one's a villain, one's a hero - they use to be best friends. we find out all the dirty details and its fantastic. both have had terrible and difficult lives that are worth exploring as they give more details and history into the world and culture of this dark and twisted place.

I highly recommend this book, to me it seem like a comic book transfer into a novel with no pictures. Though thats not saying much as i've read like 4 comics in my life, but you get the incredible characters, the enchanting back stories, and some crazy plot story with super hero's. Really whats not to love? read it, you wont regret it. ;)