FINISHED!!! (a few days ago)

Dead of Winter - Kresley Cole

So I read this book a few days ago and pretty much had a brain hemorrhage. WTF COLE? CRAZY ENDING MUCH! so its taken me a few days to even attempt to right this, really i'm not going to write much except to say its was a great book (i expect nothing less from Cole) i had some issues, such as the ridiculous love triangle. Its at that stage where she doesnt want Jack to seem like such a better choice so she knocks him down a few pegs by making him do horrible deeds, then she ups Aric personality but he's still a controlling dick, so at the moment I'm like, fuck em nothing wrong with being single. overall i still prob ship jack more, just cause of what they're been through and i'm really not a fan of using reincarnation as a reason for two people being together, seriously she's a completely and utterly different person compared to her past lives, it shouldnt have a say what so ever, she also shouldnt feel guilt-ed or pressured into it. New life, New person. also I'm still convinced Aric wants to make her evil - which makes no sense cause he claims he likes nice Evie and the red witch was a crazy lunatic bitch. plus pretty sure he mainly likes her cause they can do the deed.
Evie's grandma is bound to be evil - can totally picture that happening. Matto's clearly don things he should - book is pretty intense, especially towards the end, characters dying, some going missing, massive changes, CRAZY cliffhanger of an end, really it was like living in one of those snow globes, Cole came along shook the fuck out of my glass done and made it rain all over my parade (or snow, i suppose depending on your globe)

So yea that for the most part sums up my thoughts, feelings about this book. didnt want to go into to much detail for the massive spoilers, so this will have to do. REALLY looking forward to book 4!!!


fairly positive (hoping) jack isnt dead, it would be just like Cole to have either one or both of them survive, but she won't find out till its too late and she's done something terrible - like sleep with Aric. i wonder if he'll take her? fairly sure he will even after everything, not like he can choose someone else.
Hoping she goes all crazy evil empress in the next book, yea i love evie's personality, but it would be interesting to see this bad side. hoping matt wasn't involved cause she'll never forgive this. also im fairly certain he betrayed her in past book.

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