The Good Women of China - Xinran

The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices - Esther Tyldesley, Xinran

I feel scrubbed raw from the inside-out. This is a mesmerising, horrendous heart-tearing read, but I'm glad i came across this book.
It's hard to imagine the short stories and lives described in this book. I'm well aware of the fact that there's injustices in this world. I live in a country we're speaking of this sort of thing is taboo, we hide the astonishing acts of crime from recent pasts and our histories from our children, it's not something taught through education, the only reason i know little of Australia's brutal history is due to higher learning in a particular subject, otherwise i might have never known. Because we know almost nothing of our own history we certainly know nothing of others, this book helped to open my eyes, its a passion of mine to see the world, to help fight some of the wrongs committed. But its a brutal path that causes much sorrow and i find must be taken slowly, with caution. I have read a few books like this over the last few years and every one of them has stuck with me. The Good Women of China, didnt tell just one heart breaking stories but years worth, with thousands of people being affected, were people where left beyond broken and barely shells of their former selves. Even now recalling these stories is heart breaking and brutal beyond compare. To think these stories are not very old, i was a child when some of this was occurring, it is unbelievable and yet sadly true.

While I am sad, I'm glad i was able to experience this book, to slowly peel open my eyes, to not live in ignorance. Without knowledge no one is able to fight back, to help, to plead.
This book was difficult to read but something i recommend most people do, because without knowledge we will never be able to change.

This is not a book for children, or young readers. it has scene's and stories that will tear you apart on the inside from what people have suffered, it has many 'trigger' scene's and will only be appropriate for some.

I rated 3 stars because this isn't a book you enjoy, its something you learn from, I'm glad i read it. But i will never read it again, its not something that needs to be read twice, i have no doubt i wont forget this book.

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